TDU World

Welcome to TDU World, we hope you enjoy your stay.

What is TDU World?

TDU World is a private server multiplayer mod for Test Drive Unlimited 2 that allows players to connect and play together.

How Did This Happen?

Atari has unfortunately shut the Test Drive Unlimited 2 servers down permanently both for PC and Console and people were very upset about this. We wanted a replacement so we could keep playing with our friends on this game, so we then gathered a team of developers from all fields and got to work!

We have managed to build our own server files from scratch and made them compatible enough for them work properly with the original game.

Where do I download TDU World?

TDU World is not yet available for the public to download yet as it is still in major development. You can however check our forums as the TDU World servers are common discussion there.