• The TDU World servers are currently: In Development

    A new development update for May 2019 has been released! Learn more.

Development update

Thanks to the awesome work of @Kuxii and the rest of the dev team we have made some excellent progress with the servers and have working authentication using our packet logs. Now we just need to figure out how to modify the data and start working on player communication. :)



Awesome guys, if you need any kind of help plz say .
I think the main goal is to develop a nice online mode, with global markers races online, markers for race times , poker island etc...
It is great to hear that TDU's server is coming up soon! I hope you can work that out. You have our support guys :)
Just created this account to get updates of this WONDERFUL project! TDU is such a GOOD game and you guys are doing a amazing job to revive it. I'm more than thanksful to you guys. Thank you :D