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Looking for members!

Hello players!

As you may or may not know, we have started a project on making a custom TDU2 server called TDU2MP. As you might expect, this is a very big project. Therefore, we are looking for members who are willing to contribute to the progress. This project is at a very early stage, so all help is welcome.

  • Knowledge and/or experience of (one of) the following: coding, networking, reverse engineering and decompiling files.
  • Owner of a valid copy of TDU2 (preferably on Steam).
  • Discord account, since our TDU2MP server is on this platform.
  • Ability to talk English fluently.
If you wish to participate in this project and feel like you are a worthy asset to our team, please visit this Steam discussion and follow the instructions.

Thank you, TDU2MP Administrators.


Ow man, i wanted to much to help, but unfortunately, i dont have any requirements to help u guys with this project, but i wish to all of u good luck, and success on this! It wont be easy, but i believe than u guys can do it. Very goood luck, and i cant wait to play TDU2 online again. :D :D :D
Hey there, It may be a bit late but except for coding and stuff, I can definitely help with play testing. Original key on Steam and discord account + good english.