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Looking for members!

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Hello players!

As you may or may not know, we have started a project on making a custom TDU2 server called TDU2MP. As you might expect, this is a very big project. Therefore, we are looking for members who are willing to contribute to the progress. This project is at a very early stage, so all help is welcome.

  • Knowledge and/or experience of (one of) the following: coding, networking, reverse engineering and decompiling files.
  • Owner of a valid copy of TDU2 (preferably on Steam).
  • Discord account, since our TDU2MP server is on this platform.
  • Ability to talk English fluently.
If you wish to participate in this project and feel like you are a worthy asset to our team, please visit this Steam discussion and follow the instructions.

Thank you, TDU2MP Administrators.

Massive Website Update

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Hello community!

Today we are announcing that a massive update of the website will be happening over the course of a few weeks. We will be changing our name from TDU2MP to TDU World, this means that we will be changing our domain to tduworld.com. Our Twitter account will also be changed from @TDU2MP to @TDU_World (Please note that @tduworld is not our Twitter account). Our current domains 'tdu2.online' and 'testdriveunlimited2.online' will become obsolete and will be no longer be getting used by us officially, but it will still redirect to this website as normal. We will also be no longer using the name "TDU2MP".

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Development News #1

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Hello TDU2MP community,

We have been contacted by a Test Drive Unlimited 2 community and they mentioned that they were also creating a multiplayer mod for TDU2, so what we have done is merged our projects and now we are going to work together to bring multiplayer back to everyone. In other news, we are also going to create a forum in the near future where everyone can stay up to date with news about TDU2MP and where players can also socialize too!

Again, if you would like to help contribute to TDU2MP then please do feel free to contact us without hesitation via Twitter or by email.

Thank you, TDU2MP Administrators.

The official Test Drive Unlimited 2 online servers have permanently shut down.

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Hello everyone,

Atari has finally thrown the towel as they have now announced the closure of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 servers. Luckily, we have a plan. We are planning on making a mod for TDU2 that supports multiplayer on private servers. This however is still in it's planning stages and it is currently unknown how long it will take for this to be completed as there are very little people who are helping us with our project.

If you would like to contribute to TDU2MP, you may contact us via Twitter and also by email.

Thank you, TDU2MP Administrators.